WKFC gives unparalleled access to the insurance industry’s premier property carriers. We offer a broad range of Real Estate and Non-Hab products including CAT cover.


General Property


Target Classes: Habitational, Hotels & Motels, Offices, Lessor’s Risk

  • Limits: $100M Primary
  • No TIV Cap
  • MP: $5000
  • Admitted Paper available in NY
  • ISO Forms
  • Territory: All 50 States

XS Property


Available on unsupported and supported WKFC accounts

  • Min attachment point: $5M
  • Limits: $55M
  • MP: $1500

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CAT Property


All Risk including: Windstorm or Hail; excluding Flood and Quake.
Construction: All construction types; 1950 or newer; updates required on older buildings

  • Limits: $50M
  • TIV: Up to $500M
  • MP: $15000


Send all submissions to: ClearFLProp@wkfc.com

CRITERIA: All submissions must be complete to be cleared.
A completed submission includes:

  • The WKFC CAT Supplemental (found here)
  • SOV
  • The expiring  and/or target premium
  • Loss Runs, we can quote without loss runs, subject to

Non HAB Property


Targeted Classes: Wholesale (non-hazardous), Retail, Restaurants/Bars, Light & Medium Manufacturing risks

  • Limits: $25M
  • TIV: Up to $50M
  • MP: $5000

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XS Flood


XS NFIP or Primary Carrier Coverage for Commercial and Personal lines

  • Limits: $10M; higher upon request
  • MP: $500
  • Target Elevation: -3 or higher

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Equipment Breakdown

  • Limits: $25M
  • MP: $500
  • Admitted
  • Sublimits Available

Wind Deductible Buybacks – Coastal & Inland


Wind Deductible Buyback

  • Appetite: Wind & Hail
  • Limits: $1.5M
  • Min Deductible: $5000 in most states
  • MP: $2500

Earthquake Deductible Buybacks


Appetite: All Construction Types; All Zones

  • Appetite: All Construction Types; All Zones
  • Limits: $1M
  • Buy-down of $5,000 or 1% of property value (whichever is greater)
  • MP: $2500

Primary Flood

  • Limits: Up to $2,500,000 – $5,000,000s
  • Min Deductible: $5,000
  • No Flood Zone Restrictions
  • No Class Restrictions

Also available:
Coastal Condos Program
4+ Stories

  • Target Elevation: Positive Elevation
    in A & V Zones
  • Limits: Between $2M to $5M
  • TIV: Up to $50M
  • Deductible: $5K or Higher

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