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Our core GL is designed for Real Estate and OL&T driven risks. We also offer a niche NYC Contractors product as well as Special Event Liability.


General Liability – Real Estate


Target classes: Apartments, Condos, Co-ops, Commercial, LRO, including: Subsidized Housing, Student Housing, Senior Living, Shopping Centers and Office Buildings

  • First Dollar with additional coverage enhancements
  • Silent on A&B
  • MP: $3000
  • Primary Limits: $1M/   $2M / $2M

Umbrella Real Estate

  • Limits: $5M or $10M
  • Supported and unsupported
  • MP: $1000
  • Territory: Offered in all states except NY
  • Admitted paper

New York Contractors


Primary GL & XS Full Comprehensive Coverage for the Target Classes: Small sized Commercial and Residential Projects (Condo’s with less than 10 units)

  • Primary Limits: $1M / $2M / $2M
  • Buffer Limits:  $1M / $2M / $2M (Supported Only/Follow Form)
  • XS Limits: $4M / $4M / $4M (Supported Only/Follow Form)
  • MP: $50K or $35K for pure owner interest
  • Policy Term:  12 Month term; Projects up to 36 months, with 6 years Products / Completed Operations Extension
  • First Dollar, No Hammer Clause, Blanket AI, Waiver, Primary non-contribute